secure penetrations

Centurion Secure ...providing Modular, Portable and scalable SCIF solutions

Minimum stc 50 door

Flexible, Modular and Scalable 

Secure Penetrations for HVAC, Power and Communication

All penetrations into the ifortress are maintained through a secure, compression wheel iportal.
Penetration Management Device:
  • iPortal
  • iSo-Guard™ Gasketmaterial
  • Compression Plate is Airtight, Watertight and Fire/Thermal Proof

iSo-Guard™ Gasketmaterial:
  • ​Non-conductive and non-combustible multi-layer applications
  • Maintains air/water tight seal
  • -350℉to +1,800℉
  • Material: EXO-THERM™

die-electric breaks:
  • all power conduits contain a die-electric break for conductive isolation
  • high pressure die-electric couplings for fire suppression for conductive isolation
  • z-ducts mate to the ifortress via a non-conductive flexible membrane for isolation

Each SCIF is protected by a minimum STC 50 rated entry door 

UL Fire Rated
(*90 minute rating when used with Kaba Mas X-09)
DoD Approved

Dead Bolt : 
The FF-L-2890 specification requires a locking mechanism to use a dead bolt with a trip device that operates when the combination lock is in the locked position. The dead bolt automatically extends into the locked position as soon as it engages the strike.
Encapsulated Strike :
LKM LOck: The LKM7000 Lock Series comes with a strike that surrounds the dead bolt for reinforced security.
High Security Combination Lock Compatibility - The LKM7000 Lock Series is designed to work with any standard footprint combination lock (meeting FF-L-2470A), such as the Kaba Mas X0 Series and the Sargent & Greenleaf 2740. No modification to the dead bolt is required.
Access Control Device Compatibility :
The LKM7000 Lock Series is compatible with a variety of electronic access control devices (12v or 24v DC - .5 amps). The series can be installed on doors with or without an EPT. The lock requires an EPT or
electric hinge when used with access control. Tiered Levels of Security - When both a combination lock and access control device are installed with a LKM7000 Lock a series of SCIF security levels are created.

Centurion Secure provides Modular Portable SCIFs meeting DIA, CIA, NSA accreditation requirements set forth by ICD 705

Our Solutions are designed to meet the size of your critical mission now and in the future.  the pre-engineered highly secured panels interlock based on your design criteria, creating an air-tight, water-tight, hermetically sealed, icd 705-705.1 compliant scif.  designing your scif for future right sizing is now no longer needed.  all of the costs associated for future right sizing are eliminated, such as:

  • no increased front end construction costs
  • no cooling requirements for unused space
  • no associated utility costs 
  • no additional security costs

these items are eliminated because of our ability to flexibly scale to your needs as your mission expands by simply adding more panels.

conversely, if your mission downsizes we can remove panels to scale to the size you need, freeing up valuable space for other uses.   additionally, we have seen the need for re-location occur more often. instead of de-commissioning your scif and then needing to build and re-certify a new facility, our solution can travel with you and be re-installed in your new location. 

Scalability Features

2' wide tongue and grove design
cam-lock connections every 2' on center vertically
inside and outside corner assemblies for any room design
secure intumescent iportal penetrations where you need them
completely architecture agnostic: build in any room...anywhere
freestanding outside structures
scalable and repeatable testing results

if your mission scales up: easily add more panels
if your mission scales down: remove panels to free up floor space
over 80 design engineers on staff to design or re-design your facility
we don't have thousands of designs....we'll engineer your design

if your mission needs to change location ifortress travels with you
the same installation team that erected your facility will relocate you as well
re-certification and re-accreditation services and reports​